Set on private farmland near Brentwood Essex, our functional training centre provides all the natural inspiration required to get your workout done.
Combining the very best in strength training, calisthenics, functional movement, and cardio within our clients training sessions, group classes & Bootcamps; we provide all the coaching and encouragement you need to take your health & fitness to the next level.
Whether your goals are body composition/weight loss, strength, better movement, physical skills, or role/sport specific; at The PT Farm, we will help you get where you want to go.




Level 3 Personal Trainer

BioForce Conditioning Coach

Applied Nutrition Coach

Advanced Coaching Academy Graduate

Bodyweight Gurus Mobility Coach

Bodyweight Gurus Calisthenics Coach

4th Dan Black Belt

"I've been involved in martial arts since I was a child, and developed a love for human movement and for understanding the intricacies of technique. As a result, I enjoy helping clients learn how to get the most out of their training through correct programming, and efficiency of movement; allowing for better performance and attaining their personal goals.

My aim is to educate our clients to be able to take control of their training so they can develop on their own paths.

My focus is upon functional movement and exercise to enhance the everyday lives of clients, whether it is role/sport specific, helping a client change body composition, recovery from an injury, or to develop a positive mindset.

It is my belief that exercise should improve our experience of life by promoting healthy daily habits and raising our self-esteem. I enjoy witnessing this happen with our clients, especially when they suprise themselves by achieving more than they believed they could."


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Nutritional Consultant

Behaviour Change Expert

Habit Coach

"I developed a love for sports and fitness as a child and have experienced first hand the positive impact movement, in its many different forms, has on our health both physical and mental. My own journey has seen fitness as THE primary force in keeping me balanced and as a result I love helping clients to find that outlet in which they can truly focus upon themselves, improve the efficiency of their everyday movements and release any stresses or negative emotions they may be carrying.

My belief is that fitness can change lives. It promotes a wholly positive experience and outlook. The creation of healthy daily habits, the building of a mindset in which you are able to overcome obstacles and persevere when it gets tough, the anchoring of true confidence and self belief. My greatest joy is to witness this type of transformation within clients. Truly what it’s all about."


Fitness Instructor

Trampoline Coach 

Gymnastics Coach 


Suzanne is a former national level gymnast and has performed stunt work for movies, inlcuding James Bond


“As a mother of three, I found inspiration to transform my fitness at The PT Farm under the exceptional guidance of Emily and Garry. This led to me developing a deeper interest into the fitness industry, and training up to become a Personal Trainer as an intern at The Farm, creating an opportunity to help others with their health & fitness. I have a background of trampolining and gymnastics which is where my passion and love for fitness started at a young age.

“I truly believe in helping others build confidence. There is no better feeling than when challenges are overcome and seeing the sense of accomplishment” 


Suzanne is driven, encouraging and brings a fun atmosphere to the farm. 


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Parkour/Freerunning Coach

Started from the bottom now I’m here! 


I didn’t always love fitness. When I started training in my mid 20’s I was overweight and the idea of fitness didn’t appeal. I couldn’t do anything fitness related...push-ups eluded me; I didn’t do running; I wouldn’t have known what to do with weights, and impulse eating was life. The journey from there to now has been full of fun and learning, taking me through lots of movement disciplines including Parkour, trampolining, jujitsu, snowboarding, aerial hoop and many more. As a result of these disciplines, I’ve learned a lot about strength, balance, low gait movement and lots of other things that make for functional and enjoyable training sessions. 


My focus is on healthy and useful movement patterns that equip people with the knowledge and confidence they need to train with quality. Discovering how to train made me feel healthier and happier, and I’m passionate about helping other people to discover all the positive changes it can offer. 


Based near Brentwood, Essex

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