Want to get started, but not sure if The Farm is the right fit for you?

Here is the perfect opportunity to get a feel for some of our methods, as well as a chance to trial The PT Farm App with this FREE 14 Day Workout Program.

This short course draws upon many of our different training systems, giving you a glimpse how we work with our clients. As with all our programs, the emphasis is upon developing athleticism and useable skills, to enhance the daily quality of life of our clients, whilst also developing a lean, toned, athletic look, that many aspire to.

This 14 Day Program is packed full of workouts including mobility, strength building, conditioning, cardio, core finishers, and a benchmark challenge to round it all up.


Combining bodyweight training, dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, and resistance bands; this is a program that can be completed at any commercial gym, or small home-gym set up.

Also included is a free copy of one of our PT Farm High Performance Cookbooks, giving you plenty of ideas of how to enhance your nutrition to help fuel those workouts. All calories, macros, and barcodes for Myfitnesspal are included, so that the guesswork around your daily intake is removed. Use this to help hit your targets.


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