For those of you who would love to train with us at The Farm, but maybe live too far away, or have a schedule which prevents you from attending in person; we have the ideal solution.


With PT Farm Remote you can download our App and have new workouts sent straight to your device every week.


We cover resistance training, bodyweight sessions, cardio, core, interval training, conditioning, mobility, challenges, and even our High Performance Recovery Sessions. Everything you need to optimise your health, fitness, and recovery.


In addition you will have access to our huge library of High Performance Cookbooks, packed with easy and nutritious recipes to fuel your training. Breakfast, lunch, mains, and even desserts; we got you covered.


So if you want to get the most out of your training, but not sure what to do, why not let us do the thinking for you, and give you the workouts to follow along via the instructional videos on our App.


In addition you have access to all the tracking options within the App, including the option to link your Fitbit & MyFitnessPal to track in realtime your activity levels and nutrition. We can even set you challenges to help keep you on track, and get some competition going.


You will also be added to our exclusive Facebook Members Group and have access to our weekly Coaching Calls and Q & A. In addition, being part of our community gives the support and accountability to keep you on track and motivated.


Get access to The Farm today for just £15 per month. 


Let’s get you in the best shape of your life!


**Special Discounts available for Emergency Service Personnel**

Please complete the form below to create your account and join the program. If you are already a member please use your registered email address and password when completing the form below. Once completed please check your inbox for the next steps